Tickets Arrangements

With the efforts of the valued students and with experience of the UCAC International staff, when a valued student gets visa UCAC International with their other services assist their valued students even after their success and stand with the students. UCAC International provides services of arranging tickets for their valued students who are issued visas.......


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Pre Departure

The next step after confirming ticket is Travel information or pre departure informationwhich is necessary for the valued students to get ...

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Quick Admission Procedure

Prior to getting admitted at any institution, it is essential for student to select the session of the course. . Every College/University has a different session and different dates of commencement.
  • Admission procedure involves some necessary requirements requirements that the valued students need to follow.
  • Delaying in providing required documentation may cause delay
  • The exceptionally trained UCAC – International documentation officers thoroughly check the documents.......
  • if documents are missing in the file, the expert documentation office ask the valued students to complete their documents.
  • This leads to having admission from the required institute
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Quick Visa Applicatioin Procedure

As soon as the valued student gets his/her “admission letter” (CAS Letter) from the University/College he/she has applied in. The UCAC – International professionally trained team guides the valued student to the best of their knowledge and skills and start preparing their file for submission in the embassy.

As UCAC – International deals in different countries of the world e.g. USA, UK ,  Canada etc.

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