Frequently Asked Questions


I Am an Employer

One of the UCAC International prestige services is assisting the Employers for the process of Immigration. We feel honor to assist our valued applicants in this regard as it is well known that UCAC International comprises on “trust”.
UCAC International operates this service list of very well known National and International lawyers who posses fully command on doing their duty in the right direction.  Before lodging application for the employer visa following steps are necessary to be kept in mind.

Employer Sponsorship Licence and the Tier 2 Work Permit


The Employer Sponsorship Licence is required by any employer looking to hire a worker through the Tier 2 Work Permit programme.

Employer Sponsorship for UK Business

The new requirement for employers to be licensed to hire migrants shifts some of the burden of responsibility from the Home Office to the employers. 
Businesses in the UK will now be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that they are licensed to hire migrants and comply with current immigration regulations.
  • Issuing certificates to foreign workers to allow the worker to apply for entry clearance to the UK.
  • Ensuring that any foreign workers employed by the business are fully compliant with UK immigration law.

For further information contact us, the UCAC International staff will welcome to inform or in lodging your application.

We are parents.

Before a valued student applies to any where, through any educational recruitment agency. Parents as well as the valued student do get worried who they’re applying through. As UCAC International has been working since 2004 as educational recruitment agency. We invite the parents and parents themselves visit our office, meet our staff.
While having a look at our previous record in the field of recruiting students for higher education , finally they decide to hand over their loved ones application to the staff of UCAC International. Further the educational documents are forwarded to the concern admission department for the purpose of arranging a place to study. This is done as the parents as well as the valued student chooses a college. For further details about how we offer admissions, the valued students are welcomed to visit our office; moreover the parents may visit the office if they want for their satisfaction.


Get IELTS Classes

The UCAC International, since started from 2004 has been consistently offering IELTS classes. UCAC International stands for its name in providing quality IELTS classes to the valued students. Our students have had out standing results in their IELTS examination.
For the satisfaction of our valued students we have arranged exceptionally talented and trained teachers who teach the valued students in such a respective way that they come to know about the skills used in the IELTS examination. We also provided services for our valued students to apply from our office for the IELTS examinations as well.  UCAC International feels honor to guide and assist our valued students, no matter what it takes we don’t give up our commitment!

Note: UCAC International intends to soon arrange classes for TOEFL also. For more information we can be contacted on our contact numbers, our staff members will wait for assistance.


“ Refuse and Appeal Cases”

As stated, UCAC International has been operating its services since 2004 in helping out the valued students in the field of higher education abroad. Our sparkling service’s aspect is working on the “Refused Cases”. The refused cases actually mean, students who are not issued a student visa and are refused entry unfortunately, from the respective Embassy they applied to, in this regards UCAC International feels privileged to provide its another astonishing service that is “Appeal Cases”.
To help our customers with appeal cases we have list of national &international experienced lawyers who deal with the refused cases right accordingly to the new and old implemented laws. For further contact to ledge your refused application against the decision of Entry Clearance Officer, Contact us.


Quick Visa Processing

As soon as the valued student gets his/her “admission letter” (CAS Letter) from the University/College he/she has applied in. The UCAC – International professionally trained team guides the valued student to the best of their knowledge and skills and start preparing their file for submission in the embassy.
As UCAC – International deals in different countries of the world e.g. USA, UK , Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc so every respective embassy of respective countries have different procedure of visa application to their embassies. UCAC – International guides their valued students right according to their upgraded visa policy that helps guides their valued students to the best of their experience and knowledge that leads in the issuance of visa.

These days embassy response in only 15 – 20 days, hence the visa processing has been quick. For further details and application, we shall be pleased to be contacted.

Selecting the right Institution

One of the most important aspects in the field of higher education abroad is to assist the valued students select the right institution. This is done in a very respective way as soon as the student pay visit to our office. Our experienced and guided staff assists the valued student. After when the valued students are told about different colleges. The dear valued student chooses a college of their size. The UCAC International always brings up “Highly Trusted” & “ A trusted Colleges”. The colleges that we represent posses very experienced and helpful staff as well as our valued students feels no hesitation in choosing the colleges are they are financially affordable.
Moreover, our experienced staff welcomes and provides our very dear valued students “Free of Cost Counseling” that is called “Free Career Counseling”. The discussion that undergoes between the valued student and the counselor is about guidance of their career.  The valued students are guided in the best possible. We can proudly say that we help our valued students open a “New Window Of Opportunity for them”.

Special Offer

One of the most attractive and new packages of UCAC International is “Special Offer”. Through a very simple process you can avail the opportunity of this “Special Offer”. UCAC International offers a “Special Offer” to those valued who will download the application form, print it out, fill and bring it to our office.
The finance department of UCAC International will arrange “Special Discount” who applies this way.